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Big Sky. New Horizons. A Healthier Montana.

A Message from the Governor

Montana is preparing to make important strides to improve the health of its citizens. 

These strides will be facilitated by partnerships among state, tribal, and local governments, as well as private and non-profit entities. I am pleased to present "Big Sky. New Horizons. A Healthier Montana: A Plan to Improve the Health of Montanans," a road map through which this can be achieved. To fully realize a Healthier Montana, individual residents will need to be responsible to maintain and improve their own health and the health of their families.


We encourage Montanans to:

  • Stay active and eat well
  • Live tobacco free
  • Get age-appropriate immunizations
  • Take simple steps to prevent injuries
  • See a health care provider regularly
  • Contribute to and enjoy a healthy environment

We pledge ourselves to:

  • Pursue the goals and strategies described in this state health improvement plan
  • Build a public health and health care system that supports these goals
  • Facilitate partnerships that support these goals

To the extent that these goals are achieved, there will be a Healthier Montana: healthier babies and children; healthier parents; healthier students; healthier seniors; healthier workers; healthier citizens to support and enjoy the special place that is Montana!


Steve Bullock
State of Montana

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