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Strengthen the Public Health and Health Care System

The public health system is the collection of public, private, and voluntary entities, as well as individuals and associations, that protect and promote the public’s health. As the steering committee for the development of this plan, the Public Health System Improvement Task Force believes that a specific focus on strengthening the public health system, including the environmental health component, is essential to support the work outlined in this plan.

System Improvement Goals: by 2018

F.1 Strengthen partnerships between the health care sector and public health agencies

F.2 Improve coordination among public health partners to promote effective public health policies and adequate public health funding

F.3 Build the public health and health care system’s capacity to turn data into information for action

F.4 Promote the use of evidence-based interventions and practice guidelines across the public health and health care systems

F.5 Accelerate the use of the national Public Health Accreditation Board’s national standards for public health practice by state, local, and tribal public health agencies

F.6 Promote the use of quality improvement methods to strengthen public health and health care services, programs, and processes

F.7 Create a system for public health and health care workforce and leadership development

F.8 Enhance use of health information technology

F.9 Strengthen local boards of health

F.10 Support and maintain an integrated public health emergency preparedness system